Top 12 Best Team Building Activities

Or, perhaps an employee has been taking night classes, is part of many professional organizations and is poised to become your next thought leader. Employees who get to use their strengths at work every day are 8% more productive and 15% less likely to quit. Getting to know more about your employees during team bonding activities can help you uncover their hidden talents and tap into their strengths. Team-building activities can strengthen company culture and provide a wide variety of benefits. You probably already know that team building creates a stronger bond between employees, improves team communication and encourages collaboration. Fortune 500 companies like Reebok, Tiffany and Co., and Dell use extreme team building activities to encourage communication and collaboration in a new environment.

  • The winner can be the first team to find all the items, or the team that finds the most items in the allotted time .
  • In some variations, team members come up with a plan first, then put on their blindfolds and are not allowed to speak while forming the square.
  • Whether you want to do some new hire orientation icebreakers or just bond your team closer together, there are inventive ways to do this.
  • Most of today’s employees don’t spend their entire careers at the same company like their parents did, so chances are today’s co-workers will be tomorrow’s job references.

The goal is to find the correct drawing prompt while fooling others into selecting decoy answer. Bonus points are awarded to the decoys that are particularly clever or funny. Each team is given 10 minutes to put together a 2 to 3 minutes skit that uses each of the items. Every person in the group must take on a speaking role. For example, they can use an apple as a meteor or a paintbrush as a witch’s broom.

Sneak A Peek Game

Anyone who ranks high in their F4S results for solo environment would probably find frequent co-working sessions stressful and unproductive. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy watching a good movie now and then . We think most people would enjoy this activity, but we recommend switching up the genre every time to accommodate for different preferences. Many apps have popped up to help people host virtual movie nights. Try a real-time video sharing app like Kast to throw a watch party no matter where you or your colleagues are. VCs & Accelerators De-risk investment, identify high performing founders & teams, identify blind spots, benchmark against successful founders.

Plus, to win, players will have to work together as a team and delegate responsibilities. One of the challenges of organizing team retreats is getting people to loosen up. A physical activity that engages the entire team is a good way to get people to relax.

Your team will build bikes for deserving children while experiencing firsthand how their actions directly impact their clients and coworkers. Icebreaker games—like Two Truths and a Lie—can be a great way for new teams to loosen up, have fun, and get to know each other. So, in this situation, team building would enable a higher level of performance—and result in a better outcome. One of the biggest benefits of team building is that it leads to better, more effective problem solving. Now that you understand what team building is, let’s jump into the benefits of team building for your business. Looking for a team-building that’s light-hearted and competitive?

team building

People can interact with colleagues they might not usually see. At a company-wide team building activity, employees from the marketing team can participate alongside members of the finance team. Long-term employees are next to interns, and it opens the doors for new friendships and work associations.


Once the team has found the item or completed the challenge they receive a clue for the next phase. Doing something for others is proven to make us feel good. By the end of the day, employees will feel proud of themselves, their colleagues and the company for which they work. Teams win in different ways depending on the game mode played. The winners of team deathmatch, for example, would be the team that scored the most points by “killing” the higher number of enemy players. To encourage players to stay in character, announce a negative consequence such as putting money in a jar or making them wear a silly hat until the next person breaks character.

Facilitating short yet regular interactions between employees online is a great way of improving your company culture. Now that you know what team building stands for and how organizing some easy team building games can be a great help in the long run, it’s time to see what’s popular. The upcoming list gives you a quick peek into some of the most popular workplace games and activities of all times.

Anyone highly motivated for seeing or place would particularly enjoy this team building exercise! But keep in mind, not everyone will be comfortable sharing their home with others, so don’t ask anyone on the spot and don’t make this one mandatory. Anyone who is high on reading, affiliation, seeing or past would especially get a kick out of this team building activity!

Teambuilding Grew Up

The teams will start out thinking that they only have to create their own puzzle. Two teams build separate halves of a bridge using the materials provided. Once finished, they have to work together to make the halves fit. A great game for building collaboration and creativity skills. Ask the teams to take their place behind the start line. Handlers must stay behind the start line at all times.

It is a long-running team-building activity that can be done every day. In a common area like a break room, leave a book with markers or pens. On each page, you can leave a prompt or ask a question for each day. Encourage employees to leave quotes from movies they are watching or books they have recently read. The premise for the game is the perfect setup to teach risk management and foster teamwork. It shows that every role is needed to reach the long-term and tough goals.

team building

This simple activity is great for a weekend group chat and can build better team cohesion. Setup the activities, then divide your group into equally-sized teams, taking care to select the right partners based on your target objective. Making a square from a rope sounds deceptively simple, but it isn’t. For a perfect square, team members have to communicate clearly and work together to craft straight, equally-sized edges. They will also have to choose a leader to direct their efforts.

Team Building Activities

Working with Surf Office grants you access to a unique network that guarantees you the best possible prices. Not only are our retreats impactful and cost-effective, but working with us saves you valuable time, so you and your team can continue doing what you do best. Check your local ziplining listings to book a session for your team. Place your water guns randomly over a small area then have your teams stand together at equal distances from the water guns. At the sound of the whistle, both teams will run to retrieve a gun for themselves and start firing at the opposing team.

You also get to play ‘investor’ and pick the best pitch. Map the diversity of perspectives on a topic by organizing them into a spectrum. This can unearth innovative ideas and show the diversity of opinions within a team. It can also encourage people with unconventional views who otherwise won’t speak up to participate. Ask each participant to draw lines to avatar cards of people they already know in the room. Also, specify how they know them (“worked on a project together”, “lunch buddies”, “went to the same college”).

Actors will provide an entertaining story and set clues in place for your team to decipher. This exercise is good for developing communication, creative thinking, and leaderships skills. To play, buy and install Jackbox Party Games or Drawful in Steam. Create a video meeting with team members and share your screen.

After practising this a few times, the leader will reverse the meaning of the two words. Therefore, “stop” now means “walk” and “walk” means “stop.” When somebody performs the wrong action, they are eliminated from the game. To play Stop-Walk, scatter your team evenly throughout the room and designate one leader who will be shouting out commands. The team will develop a sense of how to treat each other’s job role and will learn how they see each other.

In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a 2,500% increase in organizations investing in virtual team building, according to TeamBuilding. Whether your team works in the office, at home, or a hybrid of the two, a combination of in-person and virtual team-building activities is helpful. This gives your employees a variety of ways to interact, which can improve in-person and digital communications. Our skilled team has facilitated hundreds of team building events across the country. At WITS, we draw from nearly 150 activities and exercises to structure a custom workshop based on the goals of our clients.

Put funny labels or name tags on each participant’s back. The participants will see each other’s tags and for a certain amount of time ask questions to each other according to the tags. Each participant has to figure out what the label is on them on the basis of the questions that other participants are asking them. The one who figures out exits and the one that remains still the end loses the game.

The rest of the group has to guess the object out loud – just like dumb charades – within 2-3 minutes. Ask each team to stand in close inward facing circles. Get everyone to hold a rope and place it on the floor such that it forms a circle. Grab cardboard, chart paper, markers, crayons, tape or anything else you’ll need to draw and paint a team emblem or team shield. This process continues until everyone in the team has had a chance to look at the structure.

” Each person needs to be committed to the overall task and responsible for the information they have. Escape rooms have started to wane a little in popularity but they’re still a lot of fun. So, create one in your office with your entire team there to try and get out.

Ice Breaker Team Building Games And Activities

These can be shapes of signs, objects, or even abstract shapes. Try to tape opposing pairs on people with opposing personalities, though this isn’t necessary. Write down the names of objects from each pair on separate sheets of paper. Take 15 minutes to write down positive memories of shared experiences and moments while working together. A physical activity that establishes and re-lives the team’s shared memories.

The communicator is the Scrum Master who acts as a servant-leader for the Scrum team. Meanwhile, the observer resembles the Product Owner who prioritizes product specifications and coordinates the Scrum team. Communication, balance, and trust – are the traits of healthy teamwork. The following games and fun team-building projects for work will test you and make you realize that a team’s value is greater than the sum of all its team members. A leaner and faster onboarding – We’re talking about the process of helping new hires adapt to the company culture. Get this part right and you have higher chances of retaining valuable talent for longer periods of time.

Awesome Team Building Activities For Work

“Not another dumb company team-building game,” says the displeased employee. When this thought crosses your employees’ minds, you can pretty much throw the benefits of team bonding games out the window. Murder in Ancient Egypt is our flagship murder mystery program. We use game mechanics similar to escape rooms, that include puzzles, codes, and other challenges; in an epic race to solve the real historical murder before time runs out. At the end of your event, our facilitator will share the story of the actual unsolved murder that took place in Ancient Egypt, and award a winning group.

The Diamond Maze Experience

A great, easy game for building relationships and getting people to work together. Teammates are tied together by the wrist and must complete a series of simple tasks. To be successful, everyone has to collaborate closely and communicate well. In this building-focused game, teams have to create a copy of a pre-built structure based on a “sneak peak”. Teams will have to value teamwork, communication and problem solving to succeed.

Inspire  Collaboration

The pricing for our team building is at a flat rate, regardless of group size. Please contact our group sales department today for information about pricing. Thankfully, there are plenty of team building activities that boost trust without requiring you to close your eyes, fall backward, and hope for the best. Head to to purchase and schedule your team building activity session. So stay flexible when scheduling this team building activity. Companies like Zappos have incorporated a culture book.

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